In the beginning

Con-Tek Machine, Inc. was started in 1983 by former employees of Remmele Engineering.. The original six partners brought with them over 75 years of combined experience in designing and building engineered to order machinery, specializing in urethane fixturing equipment. In the early days, Con-Tek focused on supplying polyurethane foaming fixtures to the food equipment manufacturers industry. This in turn led to work in cold storage panels and the appliance manufacturing industry. To this day Con-Tek is very proud of having worked with and continuing to work with almost all of the major appliance and commercial food equipment manufacturers in the United States.

Through the years

In the late eighties Con-Tek broadened its base of business to include custom RIM clamps for reaction injection molding. Con-Tek clamps are used by companies all over North America for producing a variety of urethane molded parts such as steering wheels, instrument panels, snowmobile hoods, mountain bike handlebars and a variety of other parts.

In the early to mid nineties Con-Tek began working with manufacturers of equipment built for the refrigerated transportation industry. Design and manufacturing innovations have uniquely positioned us as a world leader in this market. Our US patent for equipment to foam ISO reefer shipping containers and our work on producing In-Situ trailer foaming fixtures have clearly distinguished us from our national and international competitors.


Con-Tek Machine is located in a 24,000 square foot facility in St. Paul, Minnesota.  One of the great strengths of our company is our loyal employee base, many of which have been around since the early days of Con-Tek Machine. The average length of employment for over half of our current staff is more than 20 years. That is a lot of machine experience being put to work for you. Plus, many of our employees are trained in multiple disciplines. This benefits the company and the customer in a number of ways. Machine designers do sales, estimating, drafting and project management work, while machine assemblers are also qualified to weld and do machining work. Customers can deal with the same contact throughout the course of their project and shop labor can be shifted from one area to another to streamline the workload and scheduling – ensuring the best product is produced in the most time efficient schedule. Do you think you’d be a good fit?

What’s happening

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