Whether you are making insulated panels, refrigerated truck bodies, insulated doors or any other polyurethane foamed panel part, our team of designers will develop a polyurethane foaming fixture tailored to your product and process requirements.


  • Custom designed to your specific application
  • Easily interfaced with any dispensing system
  • In-house controls design, PLC-based control systems
  • Fully automatic or manual sequencing
  • Fully interlocked for safety
  • Self-contained heating/cooling features
  • Easy product load/unload
  • Cost-effective single fixture/multiple product capabilities
  • Cost-effective multi-acting “continuous-discontinuous” production options

Common Applications

Refrigerated Transportation Equipment

Our panel fixtures are trusted by some of the most prominent companies that build refrigerated transportation equipment. No job is too big or too small when it comes to building insulated trailers and truck bodies. Check out some of our designs in the Feature Designs gallery below.

Walk-in Coolers & Refrigerated Warehouses

For over 35 years Con-Tek Machine has been supplying walk-in cooler manufacturers with presses and tooling to produce their NSF approved wall, floor, and ceiling walk-in cooler panels. With our designs for ancillary equipment to foam doors and door frames, corners, and tee connectors we can supply you with all the fixtures you need.

HVAC Equipment

When the HVAC industry upgraded the insulation in their enclosure panels, Con-Tek Machine was there to supply the necessary foaming presses. Our multi-cavity panel presses are used by HVAC manufacturers throughout North America and Asia.

Insulated Doors

Entry doors, truck doors, garage doors, freezer doors, refrigerator doors, walk-in cooler doors, livestock enclosures or just about any other kind of insulated door that’s out there, if you foam it we have a good way to hold it. Some of those ways are shown in the Featured Designs gallery below.

Your Next Step

Everything we do is engineered to order. Your next step is getting in touch to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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